Scott makes a shocking reveal – Dex is Jason and Karen’s son ABC General Hospital Spoilers

Scott makes a shocking reveal – Dex is Jason and Karen’s son ABC General Hospital Spoilers

ABC General Hospital spoilers reveal that Scott absolutely hates Sonny and even Jason, but there’s a reason. It has its roots in his traumatic past involving the relationship between Jason and his daughter Karen. Jason and Karen once had a deep love, but things ended unclearly. Scott has always held a grudge against Sonny and Jason, possibly because he believes that either Sonny or both are the cause of the family’s misery. The pain and hurt have turned Scott into a hateful person, and he’s seeking revenge. Rumors about Karen being pregnant and giving birth without Jason knowing could be one of the reasons why Scott feels angry and resentful.

However, to better understand what happened, it is necessary to explore deeper into his past and the complex relationship between Jason and Karen. Why does Scott want revenge on Jason so much? Meanwhile, after Karen became pregnant with Jason’s baby, Scott decided to help his daughter give the baby to someone else to raise quietly. He didn’t want Jason to know about the baby’s existence, perhaps because of the pain and hatred for the man his daughter once loved. A few years later, when Karen died, Scott became the only person who knew about the baby’s existence. Scott also knew that the baby was Dex, Jason and Karen’s child.

He tries to protect the baby, even though it may be the child of the person he hates the most. This fact makes the relationship between Jason and Scott more complicated and tense. Scott kept the secret in hopes of protecting the baby from Jason and Sonny’s influence. However, how long can this truth be hidden? Can Scott forever hide the truth about Jason and Karen’s child? Scott, of course, wouldn’t want anyone to know the truth that Dex is Jason’s child, but secrets cannot last forever. Jason finally learns that Dex is his son.

When he does, he’ll be in for a huge shock and disbelief. This discovery will bring back difficult memories and emotions from the past, causing him to face a series of complex emotions. Jason will be faced with not knowing how to process this information and its consequences for his future and that of Dex. This could also have major ramifications for Jason and Dex’s relationship as they face this truth together.

Ultimately, Jason will have to find a way to continue living and face his child to make the father-son relationship reparable. What will Scott do when the truth is revealed? Or can Scott just let Jason and Dex get to know each other like normal? Will Jason and Dex be able to get along after discovering the truth? How will things turn out?

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