Morgan returns to Port Charles, exposing Ava’s secret of harming Sonny ABC General Hospital Spoilers

Morgan returns to Port Charles, exposing Ava’s secret of harming Sonny ABC General Hospital Spoilers

ABC Journal Hospital spoilers reveal rumors circulating that Ava may have been involved in switching Sonny’s anti-bipolar medication in the past. Ava also swapped Morgan’s medication, causing him to lose control and die from a bomb explosion.

The combination of Ava’s dark past and the feud between her and Sonny once caused many to doubt her ability to do the same with Sonny. Morgan’s death caused suffering to Sonny’s family and those who loved him. Because Ava’s hatred for Sonny was so great, she may have actually committed this act. However, there’s no concrete evidence; there are just rumors and theories.

This is going to make things very tense when Ava is actually the one who did this. Is she the one who changed Sonny’s medicine? If Sonny finds out, how will he react? Meanwhile, there’s also a rumor going around that Morgan is actually still alive. According to rumors, Morgan knew about Ava swapping Sonny’s medication, causing unforeseen consequences, and this time, he decided to speak up to expose her crimes. Morgan’s sudden appearance will surprise and confuse everyone, particularly Sonny. Sonny will be surprised to realize that he’s trusted and been close to Ava all this time without knowing she’s the one who caused him pain.

Morgan’s appearance and exposure of the truth could mark a major change in the lives of those involved and could also upset relationships. His presence will make everyone happy that he’s alive and happy that he’s promptly made Sonny see Ava’s true face. How will Sonny handle Ava after the truth is exposed? After learning the truth about Ava switching the drugs, Sonny will never accept her staying in his house. He’ll be angry and decide to kick her out of his life.

Although Ava’s departure left him somewhat confused, Sonny felt somewhat relieved to have learned the truth. He thinks this is the best punishment he can give her. With Morgan’s appearance, Sonny will see a new ray of hope in the future. He’ll decide to invest time and effort to train Morgan to become the gang’s heir. Morgan’s arrival will give Sonny peace of mind and confidence that his family and the gang will be protected and continue to thrive.

If he’s gone, will Morgan succeed in inheriting Sonny’s position in the future? Will Sonny’s gang continue to thrive? How will things turn out?

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