General Hospital Spoilers: Bradford Anderson Dishes On Spixie 2.0

 Bradford Anderson Dishes On Spixie 2.0

General Hospital Spoilers: Bradford Anderson Dishes On Spixie 2.0

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Bradford Anderson, who plays Damien Spinelli, recently opened up about the possible reunion of Spinelli and Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms).

Maxie and Spinelli were engaged years ago but decided not to get married. Are these two about to get a second chance at love?

Kristen Storms And Bradford Anderson Are Great Together

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Maxie and Spinelli don’t have to act like they have chemistry because it just comes naturally to Bradford and Kristen.

Maxie and Spinelli have had amazing chemistry since they first met in the 2000s. Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) hired Spinelli to work or the mob however, Spinelli wasn’t the most sober of hackers at the time.


Of course, Spinelli had a thing for Maxie’s younger sister, Georgie Jones ( Lindze Letherman) who was killed by the Text message Killer in 2007.

Of course, it was later revealed that Maxie was the intended target at the time. Maxie and Spinelli grew close after this and moved on as a couple to the horror of Mac Scorpio (John J York).

GH Spoilers: Damian Spinelli Has Moved In With Maxie Jones

Spinelli has faked a water leak in his apartment to help Maxie with her current bills. It seems that Maxie is having trouble keeping up with everything now that she has moved from an apartment to a house.

Spinelli’s true reason for doing this is because he wants Maxie back and has for some time. Spinelli and his girlfriend Ellie Trout (Emily Wilson) broke up not too long ago.

However, Spinelli and Maxie have more in common considering they have a daughter together and Spinelli is close to Maxie’s other children as well.

Will Maxie and Spinelli soon give their daughter the ultimate dream by reuniting after all of this time and putting her family back together once and for all now that the time is right?

General Hospital Spoilers: Bradford Anderson Dishes On Spixie 2.0

General Hospital Spoilers: Spixie 2.0

Bradford told Soaps In Depth, “It really feels like they are kind of unwrapping these layers of excuses as to why they shouldn’t be together, and he’s got to the center of it before she has.

It’s interesting, because I thought back to the Nurses Ball of ’15 with Nathan and Ellie where [Maxie and Spinelli] had decided to get back together but then ultimately they were like, ‘It’s just the comfort of being together, the logic of being together because we have a kid.’ It wasn’t the right time.”

Bradford went on to say “And since that time, she’s been with Nathan, who died, and Peter August, who was… Peter August,” he added with a laugh. “And then Austin Gatlin-Holt. I think her experiences (after losing Nathan (Ryan Paevey)) have kind of made her look for something that is solid, look for something that is safe, look for something that is good for her kids. And what could be better for her kids than, obviously, one of their parents, someone that she trusts implicitly and loves, and has always loved.”

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