General Hospital: Is It Time For Cody and Mac’s Father-Son Reunion? Josh Kelly Comments

Is It Time For Cody and Mac’s Father-Son Reunion? Josh Kelly Comments

General Hospital spoilers - Cody - Sasha

Mac Scorpio is one those characters that are unanimously loved by the General Hospital fandom. So, when a son that he never knew (and still doesn’t know) existed, dropped onto the canvas from seemingly nowhere, fans were psyched. Unfortunately, the story sort of came to a screeching halt when John J. York had to take a break for Cancer treatment.

Of course, in the mean time, Josh Kelly did the magnificent task of becoming quite likeable as Cody. Because quite honestly Cody wasn’t that loved when he first arrived. His heroic act of going above and beyond to save Sasha obviously made it much easier for the fans to like him.

General Hospital spoilers - Cody
GH/ Cody has finally managed to win fan hearts

But even the much awaited – Sasha-Cody romance on General Hospital has not been able to cover for the fact that we still need answers. We still need to see Cody come clean to Mac that they are father and son. And fortunately, we may not have to wait for too long, or at least not forever.

In a latest chat with Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson on their Daily Drama podcast, Josh Kelly opened uo about revisiting the Cody-Mac storyline on General Hospital. He admitted that the only reason Cody has been hiding the truth is because he has very low self worth.

General Hospital spoilers - Cody-Mac
GH/ Cody feels undeserving of Mac’s love

He truly doesn’t feel worthy of having a man like Mac Scorpio as his father. The gent is just so wonderfully kind, supportive and loving, that Cody just can’t relate to it. He has never felt loved in his entire life. In fact, even his adoptive parents made him feel unwanted. So there’s a life time of trauma at play here.

However, Cody Bell is hopeful that their father-son reunion could get underway soon. He shared that he has been in touch with John York through text and he is recovering. So, he hopes for John to return soon, and then they can work on the culmination of that track together.

General Hospital Cody - Sasha
GH/ Will Sasha help Cody in coming clean?

Currently, on General Hospital, Cody is living a dream with Sasha, as they work together at the stables. So, maybe finally having a love of that kind will heal him from within. Perhaps even giving him the courage to tell Mac the truth when they come face-to-face next!

Are you looking forward to seeing Mac and Cody to reunite as father and son? Tell us in the comments.

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