General Hospital Spoilers: The Future Of Leslie Charleson On GH-Steve Burton Spills The Beans!

 The Future Of Leslie Charleson On GH-Steve Burton Spills The Beans!

General Hospital Spoilers: The Future Of Leslie Charleson On GH-Steve Burton Spills The Beans!General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Steve Burton spills the beans about the future of Leslie Charleson on the show.

She plays Monica Quartermaine, Jason Morgan’s adoptive mother so she’s a veteran-he shared some of what he knows about a return on his podcast.

General Hospital Spoilers – Jason Morgan’s Back, Where’s Mom?

General Hospital fans were ecstatic when Steve Burton made his comeback as Jason Morgan in early 2024, after being let go in late 2021 for not following vaccine mandates.

His return in the iconic black leather jacket during the 60th anniversary special was a moment fans had been eagerly waiting for, although all that time he wasn’t just sitting around!

He appeared in a couple of spinoffs and the regular show of Days Of Our Lives, reprising his first soap opera character, Harris Michaels which preceded his role on GH.

The big question was whether Leslie Charleson would make a comeback as Monica Quartermaine; although she didn’t actually appear, she did send him a message during Jason’s court hearing.

Monica reassured her son of her unwavering support, bringing both the actor and character to tears-prior to that, Monica appeared in a short scene in December 2023.

GH Spoilers – Steve Brton Offered A Brief Update On His Daily Drama Podcast

On the May 23rd episode of the Daily Drama podcast, Steve shared some brief details about Leslie Charleson and Monica and also talked about the possibility of them having scenes together.

He said her condition is improving, but out of respect and love for her, he preferred not to disclose any personal information.

He hopes she makes a comeback soon so he can share scenes with her again. Steve decided to keep quiet about Leslie’s health as he wasn’t sure what was already known to the public.

A few years ago, she had a serious accident but hasn’t been seen lately; this has raised concerns among viewers about her current state.

General Hospital Spoilers – Previously, Leslie Charleson Hadn’t Been Seen For A Couple Of Years

Previously, Leslie hadn’t been seen for a couple of years prior to the short appearance in 2023, and all that was released is she’d been in a serious accident.

Obviously, he’s been keeping in touch with his television mom through all of this and is glad that she’s making improvement-there weren’t many details released on the nature of her injuries.

There was speculation by fans that she may have broken a hip, but if it’s taken this long for improvement it was likely more serious than that, albeit that’s bad enough.

However, she missed Steve Burton’s big comeback, which would have been exciting for fans. Now that Steve has expressed his love and concern for Leslie, hopefully, she will come back sooner rather than later, even if it’s just for a few scenes.

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