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Steffy Walks In on Hope and Finn and Demands Answers — and Liam Meets His Half-Sister

Steffy Walks In on Hope and Finn and Demands Answers — and Liam Meets His Half-Sister

Steffy catches Hope with Finn BB

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In the Forrester offices, Hope and Finn passionately kiss. Finn calls out to her, and she snaps out of it. It was all a fantasy in Hope’s head.

Hope and Finn kiss BB

Hope asks what he was saying again. He says he was telling her how much he respects her, and she embodies the name of her line, ‘Hope for the Future.’ Hope thanks him for being so wonderful again about her migraine. He asks if it’s getting worse as she looks a little flush. Hope says it’s nothing, but he asks her to be honest with him. He feels her forehead, but she doesn’t have a fever, however her cheeks are red. He says whatever is ailing her, she can confide in him. He asks Hope to tell him exactly how she’s feeling.

Finn questions Hope BB

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In Carter’s office, he’s trying to talk business and numbers with Katie, but she’s not all there. He sees this and says she can talk to him. Katie says she’s trying to wrap her mind around something to do with Bill. Katie reveals that Bill has a daughter, and fills him in on the whole story without names.  Carter calls this a trip. Katie says Bill’s daughter is someone he sees every day, it’s Luna. He can’t believe it.

Katie and Carter talk BB

Katie says what’s odd is that Liam and Wyatt came into Bill’s life around the same age as Luna is now, and Will is the only child he’s known since birth. Carter asks how she feels about Poppy. Katie says she raised a wonderful daughter, and they haven’t been a couple in a long time, so she doesn’t get to have an opinion about what Bill does. Carter still wants to know how she feels about Bill having a daughter with Poppy. Katie admits she’s not really sure yet, and she’s trying to figure out how she should feel. Carter says there is no manual for this kind of thing. Katie says it doesn’t affect her life, but she has to figure out how she feels about Will having another sibling. Carter adds, “And Bill having another baby momma.”

Katie fills Carter in BB

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At the cliff house, Liam tells Steffy that he doesn’t think Hope is trying to create problems for her and Finn. Steffy isn’t so sure but asks if he really thinks she has nothing to worry about. Liam pauses, and Steffy says Hope needs to stop making excuses for Sheila. She also says Finn’s emotions about Shiela are mixed up as is, and now Hope is pushing for them to have a relationship. She says the last thing she needs is Hope spending time with her husband. She thinks Hope is trying to get under her skin, but Liam says Deacon is Hope’s father, and Sheila Finn’s mother, and that’s it. Steffy just wants Hope to back off.

Steffy rants to Liam BB

At Bill’s place he, Luna and Poppy celebrate that they are finally a real family. Bill says his house is theirs now, and Poppy can’t believe this is their new life. Bill knows this is happening quickly, but Luna wants to experience all the father-daughter moments she missed out on. Bill hugs her after she calls him dad.

Bill and Luna BB

Poppy insists they will contribute as they aren’t freeloaders. She tells Bill how grateful she is to end up with a man like him, and never imagined she’d be living in a place like this. Bill takes them on a tour of the place and then decides it’s time for Luna to meet one of her brothers.

Luna and Bill BB

Back at the Cliff House, Liam gets a text from his dad summoning him to the house, saying it’s important. Steffy says it’s fine that he goes. Liam asks her to just stop getting upset over Hope. Steffy vents that Hope spending so much time with her husband is getting on her nerves.

Liam listens to Steffy BB

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Back at Bill’s, Poppy tells Luna she’s not an only child anymore. Bill promises that all her brothers will love her. Liam arrives, and Bill introduces him to Poppy and Luna, and Liam says he’s heard so much about them. Bill reveals they have confirmed that Luna is daughter, making her his half-sister. Liam is at a loss for words.

Luna meets Liam BB

Back at Forrester, Hope says it’s hard to put into words what she’s feeling. She explains she was in love with Liam most of her life, but he always had one eye on Steffy. Then she got involved with Thomas, even though he hurt her in the past, but at least he was fully devoted to her. She says then she met him, and he really is the best of Liam and Thomas, the whole package. She says she’d like something like that for herself. Finn says he is sure she’ll find a great guy, and she deserves someone who excites her and makes her feel appreciated. She thanks him and says she appreciates him and his understanding. She takes his hand while saying this, and Steffy enters and demands Hope tell her what she just walked in on.

Hope and Finn BB

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam gets a shock, and Steffy makes it clear she is not thrilled!

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