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Young & Restless Preview: Victoria’s on Adam’s Dance Card Again — But the Steps Have Changed

Victoria’s on Adam’s Dance Card Again — But the Steps Have Changed

Young & Restless spoilers tell us Adam and Victoria are on a collision course again. But will there be a twist this time around? We think so.



Victoria’s clashes with Adam are legendary. The two have rarely seen eye-to-eye since her half-brother first appeared on the scene in Genoa City looking to find a place for himself not only in the family, but also at Newman Enterprises.
Adam Victoria YR

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Territorial to a fault when it comes to the company and her family, Victoria was skeptical of the interloper from the get-go and things only went downhill from there. As it turned out, Victoria’s dislike of Adam was vindicated when he began making some incredibly dark and twisted choices and continued to do so over the ensuing years.

But more recently, Victor’s youngest has managed to redeem himself to a large degree, with even Nick conceding that he’s successfully turned himself around… and has managed to sustain that change even while being challenged by the daunting and disheartening battle involving Connor and his OCD.



The teaser hints that Adam will experience a sense of déjà vu with Victoria, which gives the impression that they’ll once again do their age-old dance of trading barbs and barely tolerating each other while subtly (or not so subtly!) making digs at one another.

But we think the steps to their dance have changed and we’ll tell you why.
The last time the two interacted, Victoria expressed sympathy toward Adam’s situation with his son, and wished them well. After stepping away from Newman to focus on Claire, Victoria didn’t fight Victor’s decision to put Nick and Adam in charge, and hasn’t made a single attempt to oust her half-brother or criticize his performance at the firm.

Some viewers thought Claire’s bid to redeem herself might have given Victoria a different perspective on Adam’s attempt to do the same, and while we haven’t outwardly seen evidence of that, it’s safe to say she took a softer, more tolerant, approach the last time she was breathing the same air as him. Progress, right?
Victoria Adam Y&R

So, we have reason to believe that the sense of “déjà vu” Adam experiences with Victoria this week will not be of the nasty variety, but rather of her showing compassion toward him again, or at least toward his distressing situation with his son.

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