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Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (June 10-21, 2024): Konstantin Reveals Alex Is Not Victor’s Son

 Konstantin Reveals Alex Is Not Victor’s Son

dool alex truth Days of Our Lives Spoilers

The upcoming episodes that air in the upcoming two weeks, starting from June 10- 21, 2024, on Days of Our Lives confirm that big truth bombs will be dropped. In the forthcoming episodes, Konstantin springs a bombshell by revealing the truth about Alex not being Victor’s son, point Days of Our Lives Spoilers. Meanwhile, Xander fears that his mom’s arrival in Salem could spell trouble! But why? Find out below!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers (June 10-14, 2024): Xander Shoots Konstantin

Konstantin’s drama is finally coming to a close, but not before a last hoorah! Days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that he uses Theresa as a human shield in defense against Brady and Alex. He then tries to verbally torture them more by claiming that they have an enemy inside the Kiriakis mansion. But Theresa elbows him in an attempt to silence him.

Days of our lives spoilers - xander - konstantin
DOOL/ Xander shoots Konstantin

Days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that agitated, Konstantin begins to strangle Theresa. Xander arrives right in that moment and shoots Konstantin. However, the Konman, sorry, conman springs the truth about Alex not being Victor’s son before passing.

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Stephanie Gets Concerning Updates About Everett, Leo Feels Rejected

Next, during the week of June 10-14, 2024, Marlena tells Stephanie that Bobby intends to keep his Everett personality suppressed forever. Days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that Stephanie gets really scared by the idea. Meanwhile, Johnny fills Chanel in on the out of town job offer he received. Chanel feels that they should accept it and move away. But will they?

Days of Our Lives: Stephanie Questions Everett
DOOL/ Stephanie fears for Everett

Days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes, Leo runs into an attractive man named, Mark. However, his advances are rejected which affects him very deeply. He then decides to seek therapy from Marlena to heal from his internal issues, especially, his loneliness.

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Stefan Scores Gold, Rafe & Chad Question Clyde

In the upcoming episodes, Stefan trifles through the DiMera safe. Days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that he might end up finding the real paternity report that Sloan failed to swipe. If Stefan really gets hold of it, it could become a massive bargaining chip for him to use against EJ. In fact, with that in hand, he won’t even need Kristen’s help! So, will he betray their pact?

DOOL Stefan EJ clash 2 Days of Our Lives Spoilers
DOOL/ Stefan may blackmail EJ

Days of Our Lives Spoilers spill that Clyde has finally been brought back to Salem. Rafe grills him for intel on his involvement in Li Shin’s killing. Rafe is hoping to use the information to clear Gabi’s name. Later, Chad too interrogates Clyde about his claims of Abigail being alive. But after the whole stabbing and the body being in a pool of blood. Can she really be alive?

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (June 17-21, 2024): Double Trouble For Dandy-Xandy

Moving into the week of June 17-21, 2024, Sarah is still waiting to hear back from Xander’s mom. However, Days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that Xandy does not have a very good feeling about it. Could it be a premonition about her arriving in Salem and stirring trouble? Especially, since soon enough the truth about Xander’s paternity and inheritance will come out.

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Days of Our Lives spoilers - Sarah-Xander
DOOL/ Why does Xander fear his mother’s return?

Also, watch out for Cherie Jimenez to make her debut as recast Gabi! Now that she is onscreen, Rafe and Stefan may finally succeed in clearing her name in Li’s murder and get her out of prison! Are you excited about that? Tell us in the comments.

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