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General Hospital Spoilers: Drunken Finn Meets ACCIDENT, Michael Easton OUT Forever?

 Drunken Finn Meets ACCIDENT, Michael Easton OUT Forever?

General Hospital spoilers - Finn

Finn has truly hit rock bottom after Gregory’s passing, recall General Hospital Spoilers. As if falling off the wagon wasn’t enough, he has now also fallen into the arms of another woman! The recent GH episode saw Liz walking right into him with Barb and catching him red-handed. She did not waste a single minute before showing Barb the door out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, she also shows Finn the door out of her life. One he now desperately wants to climb back into. But General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Liz has no intentions of taking Finn back into her life. In the upcoming episodes, the loss of his relationship with Liz is only going to push him further down the road of destruction.

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General Hospital Spoilers - Liz -Finn
GH/ Liz breaks up with Finn after catching him making out with Barb

Currently. Chase and Brook Lynn are planning an intervention for Finn, hoping to stop his drinking. Unfortunately, General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Tracy has already predicted the future of the intervention. She confidently feels that it is going to be a flop and that Finn perhaps needs rehab.

Normally, we would believe that Finn would agree to go to rehab and return shortly, all fixed up. However, General Hospital Spoilers hint some rumblings that Michael Easton is actually exiting GH as Finn soon. Thus, we have a feeling that instead of his story ending with a recovery, it might end in tragedy.

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General Hospital spoilers
GH/ Will Finn meet a grim fate after a drunken accident?

Many speculations point towards Finn getting into a drunken car crash, which eventually claims his life. Even Violet stated her fears about her dad in a recent episode. Do you think that’s how his story will end on the ABC soap? Tell us in the comments.

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