Days of Our Lives Spoilers (June 17-21, 2024): Alex Asks Theresa To Marry Him

  Alex Asks Theresa To Marry Him

Days of Our Lives spoilers - Alex -Theresa

Next week, the fan-favorite couple – Lani and Eli return home for a celebration, reveal Days of Our Lives Spoilers. Meanwhile, Stefan finds ammunition that he can use to control EJ. Also, watch out for Alex making a bold move towards Theresa. How will she react? Find out below!

Lani and Eli Return, Stefan Confronts EJ

DOOL spoilers reveal that Paulina is really low over the news of Johnny and Chanel leaving Salem. However, during the week of June 17-21, Abe will find a way to lift her spirits. He will plan a big anniversary celebration for them, and even invite Lani and Eli to attend it. A family reunion may make Chanel and Johnny nostalgic and push them to not move away.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Eli Lani
DOOL/ Lani and Eli arrive in Salem for celebrations

Elsewhere, in Salem, Stefan will corner EJ with his latest discovery. Could it have something to do with baby Jude’s paternity? If that’s the case then Stefan could blackmail EJ into doing his bidding. Meanwhile, across town, Marlena will grill Eric about his feelings for Nicole. Will he admit that he is still in love with her?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Holly and Tate Attend Prom, Alex Makes a Bold Move

Days updates point that Brady and Theresa will be chaperoning Tate and Holly’s school prom. But the lovebirds may have plans to sneak-meet elsewhere. However, if Nicole ends up letting Holly go to the prom, the couple may find themselves under Brady and Theresa’s watchful eyes.

Days of Our Lives spoilers - Holly-Tate
DOOL/ Holly and Tate sneak out to romance

Meanwhile, Alex realizes that he is no longer scared of making a real commitment. This may push him to catch Theresa off guard with a marriage proposal. While this is exactly what she was waiting for, will she accept it with Brady back in her sexual orbit?

Chad and Julie Search For Abigail, Sarah Faces A RoadBlock

Next week, Chad and Julie decide to investigate Clyde’s claim about Abigail still being alive. However, Jack’s surprise arrival will throw off their plan and he will grow suspicious of the duo. Later, the two will manage to dodge Jack and go on with their quest. Chad and Julie will make a startling discovery that will send them spiraling.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Chad - Jack
DOOL/ Jack wonders what Chad is hiding

Could it have something to do with finding an Abigail lookalike? They may end up believing that the woman actually is Abigail! DOOL comings and goings reveal that actress AnnaLynne McCord has been hired to portray someone who looks exactly like Abby!

Other updates reveal that Sarah’s search for Xander’s mom may hit a roadblock next week. Stay tuned to Soap Opera Daily for more Days of Our Lives Spoilers on what Sarah finds! Do you think if she brings the mom to Salem, it would case some sort of a furoe?

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