Days of Our Lives Spoilers: AnnaLynne McCord’s Debut Date And Storyline REVEALED

 AnnaLynne McCord’s Debut Date And Storyline REVEALED

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Previously, we reported that AnnaLynne McCord is all set to make her debut on DOOL. Now, the latest Days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that viewers can first see her onscreen on June 19, 2024. But that’s not all! We have some juicy insights into what her debut storyline is all about! If you are curious, dive right in to find out!

In a recent chat with, AnnaLynne McCord divulged that her storyline heavily involves Clyde Weston and that she portrays a mystery woman. Going by the latest DOOL spoilers we know that Clyde is rather assertive about the fact that Abigail is still alive, that she somehow managed to survive her fatal stabbing.

Days of Our Lives spoilers - Chad - abigail
DOOL/ Could Abigail really have survived?

Furthermore, he assured Clyde that there is a safety deposit box in Chicago that contains proof about Abigail still being alive. Days spoilers point that Chad and Julie will make a stunning discovery in the June 19, 2024, episode. The same episode that AnnaLynne debuts in. So, could the two things be related?

In her chat, AnnaLynne McCord revealed that initially, there was a lot of confusion about who her character really is, owing to the changes in the writing team. So, everything was changing and developing as they went along. Thus, the layers of mystery surrounding her character are very thick.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Abigail
DOOL/ Could AnnaLynne be portraying Abby?

In a recent episode, Chad promised Julie that they would figure out if their Abby was actually alive. But, the spoilers reveal that if AnnaLynne is playing an Abby recast or even a look-alike, Chad will be really confused in the beginning, and so will the viewers. We can already sense that AnnaLynn’s storyline is really going to be EXPLOSIVE!

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