General Hospital Spoilers: Cameron Mathison Joins New Show, Is He Leaving GH As Drew?

 Cameron Mathison Joins New Show, Is He Leaving GH As Drew?

General Hospital Spoilers-Drew

Life has been a real rollercoaster ride for Drew on GH in the recent past, recall General Hospital Spoilers. Starting with the whole SEC mess that landed him in jail. Then the ordeal he had to suffer there until he finally got out. But Drew came out a changed man, which ultimately bombed his relationship with Carly.

But that’s not all. GH fandom went wild when Drew started hooking up with Nina Reeves, of all people in Port Charles! The same woman who set the wheels in motion for the upheaval in his life by triggering the SEC mess. Now, Drew is trying to turn things around for him by looking forward to a political career, with Nina’s help of course!

General Hospital Spoilers- Nina-Drew
GH/ Drew and Nina’s shocking hookup!

But, will things really work out? Or is GH laying the groundwork to push Drew into a corner, which eventually causes him to bolt from Port Charles? Well, we are not making castles in the air, we really do have reason to believe that Cameron Mathison could be leaving! The handsome hunk has recently bagged a new show!

General Hospital updates reveal that the Game Show Network is gearing up to release three new game shows. One of which is, Beat The Bridge, and guess who is hosting the show? Cameron Mathison and his rock solid abs of course! So, does that mean he will be stepping away from the ABC longstanding soap to accommodate the game show?

General Hospital spoilers - Drew - Cameron Mathison
GH/ Cameron would make a great TV host

We don’t know yet. But Cameron has previously managed to juggle the soap and his Hallmark commitments rather efficiently. So, we can hope that we won’t necessarily have to exit GH to host the game show. Besides, the handsome actor really is at the top of his game these days! paying attention to his health, fitness, and everything else in between.

He recently opened up in an interview that it was his awareness of his own body that helped him catch his kidney cancer at an early stage, which helped a lot in making a better recovery. So, with his health and fitness well under his belt, we don’t see why Cameron won’t be able to pull double duty!

General Hospital spoilers
GH/ Cameron’s fitness level is top-notch

But stay tuned to Soap Opera Daily for more General Hospital spoilers and updates on where Drew’s story heads! Having said that, we are really thrilled to see him as a host! What about you? Tell us in the comments!

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