The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (June 24-July 5, 2024): Steffy and Hope Clash Over Thomas

 (June 24-July 5, 2024): Steffy and Hope Clash Over Thomas

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Steffy Hope

In the upcoming episodes, Hope’s world turns upside down when she realizes she may lose Thomas forever, point The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers. Steffy of course cannot be any happier! Meanwhile, the mystery around Poppy and Tom’s connection thickens!

Spoilers For The Week Of June 24-June 28, 2024: Steffy Chooses Paris Over Hope For Thomas

After ions of waiting, Thomas has finally returned to Los Angeles. However, he hasn’t returned alone, but with a finance! That too, is Paris Buckingham. How the two came to be, is still a mystery. But one thing that we do know is that Steffy is over the moon!

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Thomas Paris
B&B/ Steffy supports Thomas and Paris’ engagement

The B&B spoilers point that Steffy may have some initial inhibitions, but when she realizes Hope wants Thomas back she’ll side with Thomas’ new lady. Unfortunately, Ridge won’t be that easy to convince, and he’ll think Thomas is making a rusked-up decision. However, Thomas will assert that he and Paris want the same things and life and really are in love!

Luna Is Suspicious Of Poppy, Deacon Supports Tom

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers reveal that Poppy is up to something devious. She is surely hiding a deep dark secret, and Luna is starting to realize that. But what could it be? In the upcoming episodes, Luna may confront her mom, or choose to snoop around for evidence that corroborates her doubts. Could it have something to do with Luna’s paternity?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers- Luna - Poppy
B&B/ Luna wonders what her mother is hiding

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Meanwhile, Deacon finds out that Tom has an unfulfilled dream, and decides to help his new buddy achieve it. Sheila too, will be supportive of this endeavor as long as Tom stays on her side and out of her way. But what could this dream be? Could it somehow connect to uncovering Poppy’s secret?

Spoilers For The Week Of July 1-5, 2024: A Deadly Mystery Ensues

All the drama from the previous week will open the floodgates for a mystery in the week of July 1, 2024. There are some hints in the bold and beautiful spoilers of a Whodunnit storyline, which could see Tom turning up deceased. If that happens, we know Poppy and Sheila are going to be the number one suspects.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers
B&B/ Will Tom end up killed?

As Sheila already threatened him once, and we know Poppy has a secret that Tom is aware of. Other than that, there will be more Hope, Finn, Steffy, and Thomas drama. As Hope leans on Finn for support as she pines over Thomas. Steffy of course won’t like that one bit! So, stay tuned to Soap DailySoapNews for more The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers on that!

Meanwhile, do you think Poppy is lying about Bill being Luna’s dad? Could it be Tom, or even Jack, perhaps? Tell us in the comments!

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