Days of Our Lives: Carson Boatman Weighs In On The Newest Struggles For Chanel and Johnny

 Carson Boatman Weighs In On The Newest Struggles For Chanel and Johnny


Days of Our Lives characters Johnny (Carson Boatman) and Chanel (Raven Bowens) are fretting about their unborn baby. The duo prepares to leave Salem to turn a new leaf in Los Angeles. However, their excitement hits a roadblock due to a concerning ultrasound report. It reveals that the unborn might have a potentially serious issue. The DOOL actor explains that Johnny and Chanel are anxious after hearing the news from their doctor, Mark. Read on to learn more about what he had to say!

Carson Reflects on Chanel and Johnny’s Tough Times

Days of Our Lives stalwart Carson Boatman spoke to Soap Opera Digest and weighed in on the Chanel-Johnny complications and how it has all been. “Obviously, they knew there could be some problems with the pregnancy because of Chanel’s radiation exposure” explains the actor. Subsequently, it’s not a complete shocker, but they are scared and want to know what’s going on with their baby.

Additionally, the couple reconsiders their decision to keep the baby. However, they reaffirm their choice after meeting Felicity. Boatman notes, “The entire time, they both know in their hearts they want to keep the baby.”

DOOL/ Johnny and Chanel’s excitement overshadowed by a concerning ultrasound report.

So, basically, the duo is just afraid of the possible complications. Johnny, who had second thoughts about the pregnancy, is now fully supportive! The character loves Chanel and is hell-bent on being there for her no matter what. Furthermore, the Days star expressed, “He (Johnny) wants to have a baby. He wants to have a family.” But things go south when Chanel starts experiencing a cramp that turns into severe stomach pains.

Johnny and Paulina rush her to the hospital, where Mark asks Paulina to wait outside. Chanel is still pissed at Paulina for exposing her to radiation. Meanwhile, Johnny, sympathetic to Paulina, supports Chanel and suggests she leave the room. “Johnny feels bad for Paulina that her daughter is angry with her, but again, he’s supporting his wife,” Boatman notes. In addition, the man tries to uplift Chanel’s spirits, but they both fear the worst.

DOOL/ The storyline hit home for Boatman as his wife was pregnant while they were shooting.

Losing their baby would be devastating after deciding to go through with the pregnancy despite the risks. Boatman acknowledges that they’ve already faced a lot of emotional ups and downs. “So to have gone through all of that and then find out you’ve lost your baby would be heart breaking.” This emotional turn of events hit close to home for Boatman as his wife, Julana, was pregnant while they were shooting. It made the soap actor realize how much could go wrong.

It also added a personal layer to his performance. “Here I was speaking these words out loud about it as Johnny, knowing that I had a pregnant wife at home.” Despite this, he kept his personal and professional lives separate. Carson focused on his role and did not let the overlap affect his work. Talk about professionalism! Don’t miss out on more such Days of Our Lives celeb updates over at Soap Daily News ! And get ready to witness Johnny and Chanel’s path to parenthood!

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