Days of Our Lives: Diana Colville Here To Stay? Judith Chapman Discusses Future!

  Diana Colville Here To Stay? Judith Chapman Discusses Future!


Leo (Greg Rikaart) seems to be on a redemption arc in Days of Our Lives. The character has started therapy with Marlena and is thinking out loud about why he’s such a mess. But we’re not surprised as a lot of his issues trace back to his mom, Diana Colville (Judith Chapman).

The lady treated him terribly, and Leo couldn’t ignore this fact anymore. Now, he is all set to visit his mom in prison to confront her! Though Greg and Judith are always entertaining, this scene sounds like it will be particularly intense. Dive in to know what Chapman had to say about it.

Judith Chapman on Diana’s Prison Drama and Next Chapter

The Days of Our Lives actress told Soap Opera Digest how she has been praised for the scenes. Yep, it came from all sides —from the crew to the music composer. Moreover, she touched upon what goes down between Diana and Leo in the prison scenes.

Judith revealed, “Diana was not happy about him (Leo)going to Marlena for help.” Leo had a very solid counter-reply! He’s like, “I’m figuring this out because you messed me up so much in my life.”

DOOL/ Diana was not happy about Leo going to Marlena for help.

Diana tries to be as cool as a cucumber and keeps her composure. However, Chapman believes her facade cracks, and it’s quite apparent. The DOOL star added, “By the time we finished the scenes, everybody who was in earshot started applauding.

“Furthermore, she emphasizes that confronting family trauma is tough, but it can lead to healing. Nobody ever thought this would apply to Leo, but there might be hope for him. The same goes for Diana, which might prompt her to turn a new leaf.

Judith admitted of having a blast playing the character. “Diana is fun to play. She’s a damaged person, and damaged people are always redeemed on soaps.” This is so true, even for serial killers! Diana wasn’t always a mad murderer hell-bent to take down Marlena.

Additionally, the baddie has been serving her time, which is at par with many Salem villains. Something clearly went south during the years she was off-screen raising Leo.

DOOL/ Diana could emerge as a viable long-term character if she returns.

Subsequently, there’s potential for growth, just as in Leo’s case. If the Peacock soap ever decides to bring her back, Diana could emerge as a viable long-term character again. Plus, Chapman confessed that while she’s not actively looking for jobs, if Days called, she would return.

“If Days were to call, I’d go back with pleasure. I love the work.” Would you like to see Judith Chapman on the show for longer? Tell us in the comments below. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Soap Daily News  for more updates on Days of Our Lives celebs. We will pass on all the latest updates as and when they surface.

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